Seattle Mask Brigade

There is a shortage of masks in many area hospitals and nursing homes and the Seattle Mask Brigade is part of a larger effort to increase the supply and get the masks to the right places. Wondering how you can help?

- Donate any unused N-95 masks*

- Post on social media making a call for donations of masks linking to

- Sew masks*

- Printing 3D shields*

- Volunteer to pick up and drop off mask donations (sign up here)

- In a different city? Start a brigade*

*Check out Seattle mask brigade for more information

Seattle Mask Brigade collected and distributed over 7,000 masks in the first 10 days from over 400 donors. Their goal is to be obsolete in the near future. This is an amazing grassroots effort to help out where a need has been found. Volunteer your time, your voice, or your unused N-95 masks.

Check out Seattle Mask Brigade here


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