Food Banks Need Donations

With all the worry going around and grocery shelves popping up empty it's hard to imagine giving away the food you have in your house, but that is exactly what the local food banks need from you right now. Their food donations have dropped off, but are still needing to provide food to those who utilize their program.

Here are things they are looking for:

- canned fruit (we never have enough)

- canned chicken, tuna, and salmon

- soups and stews

- peanut or other nut butters (especially crunchy)

- shelf stable milk and milk alternatives (rice, soy, hemp, etc)

- cerealcooking oil

- baby formula and diapers (especially for older babies)

- Rice

- Pasta

- Cereal

- Instant oatmeal

- Dried Fruit

- Crackers

- Cooking herbs and spices

Each Food Bank has a page with specifics of items they need and donation hours.

Family Works Food Bank

University District Food Bank*

*University District has an online monetary donation an option well.

Family works are also accepting clothing donations, children's toys, strollers, etc.

I know this seems like a really big ask right now, but it's a great way to help others out during this time.

If you have things you would like to donate, but can't leave the house, just fill out this support form and select "Donation Run." We'll get you set up with a volunteer to go make a donation in your name.

Now, go wash your hands :-)


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