Lots of Volunteers

Updated: Mar 18

Currently we have lots of volunteers. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who have submitted their time to help and those who continue to do so. As soon as there are needs, which I am thinking will be sooner as we get deeper into self quarantining, I will pair you up with those who need help in your neighborhood.

I have also created a flyer you can hand out to your neighbors who might not be online. You can download it here. There is space at the bottom to add your own note.

As always, when helping out others take utmost precaution by washing your hands before leaving your house. If you have hand sanitizer please use before dropping off any goods. Call or text before knocking on the door. It is best to just leave items on the front porch to maintain proper distance from each other. If you have a face mask, wear one! If you have disposable gloves, wear them! The main goal is to keep those in self quarantine healthy. Remember, you can carry COVID-19 without any symptoms.

Thank you again for all the outpouring of help everyone has offered! If anyone ever needs to talk please reach out to me at greatergreenlakehelp@gmail.com and we can get a conversation going.


Liz Cole

Greenlake mom of a 3yr old, owner of two dogs, and married to an awesome husband


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