Thank you for helping out while keeping our neighbors safe.

How to help safely

These are just some tips to follow when interacting with other people you are helping. The priority is the safety of those in quarantine who are immune-compromised or in a high-risk category. Extra caution is the safest option, even if it feels weird :-) 

Wash your hands

Wash your hands before you leave the house, after you pick up supplies, and after you get home. If you have hand sanitizer use it before dropping off goods or interacting with neighbors. Don't forget to sing happy birthday twice when washing :-) 

Call/Text before

It's best to avoid in-person contact. Try not to knock, but rather call or text the person you're helping to keep them updated. 

Stay home if sick

Showing any symptoms? Stay home and quarantine yourself if you are sick or if you've been in contact with someone sick or who might be sick. We have plenty of people to help you out if you need anything.

Try to stay 6ft away 

If you have to be around other people distance yourself from them. This goes for at the grocery store, food pick-ups, walking dogs, etc. 

Don't stay to talk

While we want to encourage conversation it's best to save the conversations for the phone. Remember those who are quarantined are trying to stay safe. You may not have any symptoms but could pass something to them and increase that risk the longer you stay to talk.

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